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Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn with … Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn and I’ve got Bret Wooten here. He’s with Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning. Obviously these guys are local carpet cleaners in the Asheville area. One of the things that clients normally ask, you guys, throughout the year is besides carpet cleaning, do you guys offer any other services?

Bret Wooten: Sure, we’ve actually got a pretty substantial menu. We clean upholstered furniture. We clean leather. Everybody’s got leather these days in their house, in their cars. We also do hardwood floors. We clean tile and grout. We do repairs on carpet. You already know we clean carpet, but we also do repairs and re-stretching. A lot of people aren’t aware of that. We also clean ducts, AC and heating ducts, and dryer vents, which is kind of a new application for us but it seems to fit real well in all the other things we do. We do windows on occasion.

Jeremy Ashburn: Okay, definitely, 888-254-1819 or Thanks a lot, Bret.

Bret Wooten: Sure.

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