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Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn and I’ve got Bret Wooten here with Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, and today we’re talking about tile and grout. I guess one of the questions that you guys get a lot would be, do you guys clean tile and grout?

Bret Wooten: Oh, yes. We clean a lot of tile and grout. In most cases, the grout has never been sealed, because during installation, after you install the tile in the bathroom or kitchen situation, it takes about a month for the grout to cure. Usually in that timeframe, if you have a contractor, he’s out making money somewhere else, and like I said, quite often it doesn’t get sealed until after we’re finished what we’ve done.

Jeremy Ashburn: Contractors aren’t sealing the grout. How important is that? Why do I need my grout sealed?

Bret Wooten: Well, you’re walking on this everyday, so you’ve got whatever is on your feet being ground into it. The tile generally cleans up really nicely, but people are most of the time concerned with the grout lines. It’s a very labor intensive process. It takes a long time, and sometimes it’s a hurry up and wait situation.

Quite often, I’ll come in, I’ll be cleaning carpet and the tile and grout also. I’ll start with it. I’ll lay the cleaner down. I’ll go to clean some carpet. I’ll come back to it. I’ll scrub it. I’ll come clean carpet. Usually, I start with it and that’s usually what I finish with if I’m working with something else, also.

Jeremy Ashburn: Okay. If you have just laid for yourself or you had a contractor lay the floor, definitely have your tile and grout sealed, because of the most time, the contractor hasn’t done that.

Bret Wooten: Sure.

Jeremy Ashburn: 888-254-1819 or Heaven’s Best of WNC, and they also do, of course, tile and grout cleaning. Thanks a lot, and give them a call if you have any questions about this. Thanks.

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