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Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn, and I’ve got Bret Wooten here with Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning. One of the questions that you guys get throughout the year is do you guys handle emergency cleaning.

Bret Wooten: Sure. Around the holidays, we tend to get more of those calls, quite often throughout the year. Somebody is pet sitting or something like that in a different home, or maybe has a spill in someplace they’re visiting, or somebody is visiting them. People, we travel a lot and quite often we take our pets with us and they don’t always respond to the newer surroundings. Yes, we do get calls for emergency cleaning and most of the time we can accommodate them within a day. Sometimes we can’t get them if they call me overnight, but usually by the next day we can get out there. Generally have some pretty good advice for them as far as taking care of that until we get there.

Jeremy Ashburn: If you have any kind of emergency cleaning situations just give him a call at 888-254-1819, or Thanks.

Bret Wooten: Thank you.

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