How Is Your Pricing Different From Competitors?
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Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn, and I’ve got Brett Wooten here with Heaven’s Best carpet cleaning. And today we’re just asking him some of the main questions that clients ask them throughout the year.

So I know a lot of times, people will call you guys and ask about pricing. One of the things I’ve heard about other carpet cleaners, other carpet cleaners will come in and say “Hey, our cost is $89 to clean a room,” whatever it is. And then they’ll get there, and they’ll say, “Oh, you need this upgrade, that upgrade,” and they’ll upcharge, which seems really deceptive.

So I’m just wondering, how are you guys different from a pricing perspective?

Bret Wooten: For most people, price is an issue. What we offer is an excellent job at a fair price. We’re not the most expensive guys out there, but we’re not the cheap guys. They know the value of their product and that’s why they’re the cheap guys. If you get an extra treatment, like I said, we don’t charge any extra for treatments. Everything we do is included in the price we quote, we’re not gonna nickel and dime you when we get there. That’s kinda very much like a bait-and-switch application.

We give you what we say we’re gonna give you. And generally, we give a little bit extra, as far as that goes. I tell my guys to give a little extra. They’ve called it in the past, giving it the pickle. Giving something extra for no charge. We don’t charge any extra for any pre-treaters, deodorizers, enzymes. And also, when we finish, we’ll treat your carpet or your furniture with a fabric protector. Again, there’s no extra charge for these products, we’re not gonna nickel and dime you when we get there.

Jeremy Ashburn: So basically, there’s not gonna be any kind of upcharges. I think you mentioned that there’s only really two situations where there might be an additional charge. One would be if it’s a red dye removal, which is obviously a really big deal, or if the client requests a colorizer. Am I saying that right?

Bret Wooten: Right. If you spill bleach or something like that on your carpet, in a lot of cases we can come in and we can actually colorize that. In most cases, you’ll never even know it’s there. In a lot of cases it won’t draw your eye to a bleach spot in the middle of the room.

Jeremy Ashburn: So unless you really need red dye removal or you need a bleach spot or your carpet colorized, there’s not gonna be any additional upcharges.

Bret Wooten: That’s right. We don’t charge extra for any of the extra treatments.

Jeremy Ashburn: So that’s great. So this is really good for you guys, who are out there talking to carpet cleaners, and they’re like, “Oh yeah, it’s gonna be 70, 80, 100 bucks,” and then you need to ask them, “Well, what charges do you have for upgrades?”

And then these guys will do … when someone pays the price for one room, they’re getting the carpet cleaning, they’re also getting the protector.

Bret Wooten: Fabric protector, yes. That’ll make it stay cleaner longer. It’ll resist spills and wear. It’s a very good product.

Jeremy Ashburn: So if you want to learn more, just call 888-254-1819 or

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