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Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys I’m Jeremy Ashburn. I’ve got Brett Wooten here with Heavens Best Carpet Cleaning. These guys are local carpet cleaners in the Asheville area. Today we’re just asking some of the main questions that clients ask them throughout the year. I would think one of the biggest questions that come up here is what kind of cleaning system do you guys use and describe it for us a little bit?

Brett Wooten: That’s a good one. We use the Bonnet system. Now a lot of people they’ve heard of steam or hot water extraction or some other systems out there. The Bonnet system is a low moisture system. It is very effective. We actually we scrub every bit of your carpet. These other systems, they inject chemicals into your floor and they try to suck them back out. That’s not always effective. But the Bonnet system, we use some citrus based cleaners. We put that down. We scrub the carpet and in the process of the application it draws out most of the moisture. It dries fairly quickly and again if it dries fairly quickly there’s very little risk of mold and mildew as with some of these other systems.

Jeremy Ashburn: That’s great. It’s a much more advanced fast drying system than some of the other systems.

Brett Wooten: Very good, doctor and pet friendly.

Jeremy Ashburn: It is. I think you’ve mentioned before when we were talking that other systems can take a long time to dry. But you guys this is a really fast drying system.

Brett Wooten: Yes sir.

Jeremy Ashburn: 888-254-1817 if you want to call them.

Brett Wooten: 819.

Jeremy Ashburn: What’s that?

Brett Wooten: 1819.

Jeremy Ashburn: 1819. So it’s 888-254-1819. Then also you can go to Thanks.

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